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Institutions, organizations, businesses cannot be separated from his environment. It affects him through the different elements of nature like air, water, warmth and sunlight. Vastu Shastra can help bring in prosperity and protect wealth. We understand the importance of these elements and our designs for solar installation are Vastu Shastra compliant.
We offer construction financing. SSE is established to create, implement and manage financial solutions that enhance success in its core businesses while assisting clients in the accelerated achievement of their project investment objectives. In furtherance of its mission, it has the ability to invest in select client-sponsored projects on its own or with institutional investors. We typically invests in projects where we can add value from the EPC, construction and financing participation in a project.
We provide turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction solutions to the utility scale renewable generation industry which includes solar. We offer consulting,  project management, planning, commissioning, and maintenance capabilities to respond to the needs of our customers. This gives our clients flexibility of choosing a single service or full EPC services. Solutions we provide encompass pre-construction, construction and post-construction services for solar projects.
The demand for energy storage has never been greater with the evolution of the renewable energy industry. The combination of energy storage solutions and renewable energy sources such as solar can provide a stronger economic performance, in addition to an added benefit of backup power for critical loads. Energy Storage is the backbone of any integrated solution and SolarSwaraj will ensure your energy storage solution is a success, from the primary stages of project planning to the final commissioning. Solutions we provide:
  • Analytical Studies
  • Engineering Services
  • Field Services
  • EPC Services
  • Asset Management
  • Parts Services
We offer On-Grid as well as Off-Grid Solar Solution.
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